Monday, 30 May 2011

Advertising companies in India

Advertising Agencies in Noida,Delhi NCR
The advertising industry has been evolving in Delhi and the NCR at a fast pace over the past few years owing to the proliferation of means of communication and the spread of global market. WARC also reports that while India’s advertising market is the smallest in the  group of BRIC nations ( Brazil, Russia, India and China),  now it is set for rapid expansion, with growth of +18.5% in 2011 and +19% in 2012. With such high rate of expected growth, and high hopes Delhi and NCR is ready to become the hub for advertising, surpassing Mumbai. Apart from the presence of multi-national ad agencies, there’re a number of comparative smaller agencies that have carved a niche for themselves in the market for their creativity, effectiveness and out-of-the-box ideas.
A very brilliant example of such growth is Sepia Advertising. The No. 1 ad agency in Noida has proved how the right brand perception, right strategy and effectiveness can fundamentally transform the business and the industry outlook. Known as the most creative advertising agency in Noida, Sepia amasses an impressive client list and enjoys enviable reputation amongst its peers.
The Best Advertising agency in India, Delhi NCR
The reason is simple. Sepia believes that no one can fight “the idea”. That’s why the advertising company reaches the idea through a very well defined process i.e. analysis of the client’s briefs, requirements, market research, target audience analysis, selection of optimum media usage, concept development and its testing, then the final production.

The company adopts a philosophy of being a part of its clients’ marketing team, and, thus works hand in hand with them. The relationship develops into a mutual exchange that continues throughout all developmental phases and ever after.
Though Sepia specializes in the full spectrum of advertising services like branding strategies, print, TV & radio advertising, OOH advertising, media buying, web services, PR activities, BTL promotions, exhibitions and packaging. Yet branding and advertising are the core areas where agency finds its supreme expertise. 
Branding - Sepia begins with turning a product into a brand. The creative agency has the potential to re-define an existing brand too and hold it high. A brand that the consumers can relate to. And while doing this, Sepia adheres to the principles of originality, innovation and creation while keeping an eye on our Target Group and parallel advertising too, while working consistently to widen the TG. And this in turn benefits double to the clients.

Advertising - Sepia Advertising embodies the core values of creativity, innovation and customer satisfaction. The creative agency strategically helps the clients visualise, identify and formulate opportunities to increase their business online. The team Sepia, that’s a perfect blend of experience and youth, consists of dynamic, talented and hardworking professionals who have a vision to empower clients with marketing tools for their business growth.
A progressive advertising company, Sepia has been successful in decoding all the advertising riddles for its clients and offers other cutting-edge advertising services. 

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